Why The Toshiba Chromebook 2 Is Your Go-To Blogger Laptop – Buyer’s Guide

Hi there, dear audience. Today is a very special day, and I will tell you exactly why in just a few moments. Click ‘Read More’ to see what will be changing. (even though you might already have a slight idea of what it could be)

Editor’s note to read about the Toshiba Chromebook 2, scroll down to the *** paragraph.

As you might have noticed over these past few months there have been far too many occasions where I apologized for the lack of articles, instead of posting actual quality content. Of course, I did not just sit on my ass for all this time, as you can see from these beautiful photos by my dad of me. A little after that, three of my friends and myself went on a fantastic twelve-day road trip that went all the way down to Barcelona. During that time, I wrote about our adventures every day and later posted them in four parts over the course of two weeks, on this very blog. However, before that, when I got back from the road trip, I first headed back to France to visit my girlfriend, who stayed there with her family, for another two weeks. The weeks that followed after our return were spent doing all kinds of stuff, from going on a small city trip with my girlfriend to just hanging out with friends, or not doing anything at all. I am aware of the fact that it was, indeed, a holiday, which tells me I should not be too harsh on myself. On the other hand, I really do feel like this is my ‘calling’, as well as an ambition and a hobby. So I came to a conclusion: no dicking around anymore.


These were all excuses for my lack of content, so let’s step past that and focus on what is next. Real content about cars, starting: next article. I would talk about what cars intrigue me at the moment, or what kind of content goes around social media, but I want to change it up just a little for this once. That is because after I found out that I had been messing about, I felt like some things had to change. As a start, I bought myself a new iPhone (how materialistic), since I had been using the iPhone 4 for so long that basically everything stopped working. Still, I did not feel complete yet, for a special reason.

Editor’s note here’s where you can start reading about the laptop in question.

Long before I started the blog, I had always used the computer of either of my parents. Although for some reason, when I was younger, I did have one. My money was just spent on other kinds of machines and my mom’s laptop was basically always available, so I claimed it more often than she would. This had been going on for at least three years, and everything was fine, until now. As I mentioned about these last few weeks of my holiday, the time was partially spent doing nothing -read: ‘doing stuff on the laptop’. Unfortunately, around this time, when my mom has personal work to do at home, I am not able to do anything myself. Before that, I would just try and hog other people’s PC’s in the hope they would not be needing them for some reason. Until yesterday, I could keep that temper inside me to a minimum, and be content with what other people were able to offer me. Then, when browsing YouTube, I noticed a video in my suggested-video sidebar discussing a range of Chromebooks. After watching I was hooked about their simple purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I had heard and read about them before, but it never crossed my mind to purchase one, until now. Until now, I had always been hooked on the idea that the future laptop/desktop in my possession would be one designed by Jony Ive & Co. Realising I had already spent a sacrilegious amount of money on my new phone, I was not in the running to do that all over again, maybe even double the amount, on a MacBook of sorts. Luckily I have had my set of tries with both operating systems, so having seen the video, I said ‘to hell with it’ and went ahead and did my research on this phenomenon called the ‘Chromebook’.

When reading the following paragraph, realize that I am quite the spontaneous decision-maker.

The next few hours were spent doing hard research on the subject of Chromebooks. Watching, even studying the videos of multiple people, as well as doing some reading by websites like tweakers, CNET, TechRadar, Forbes and many more. The videos I watched were by several fairly unknown people doing reviews and unboxing videos. At a certain point, I made the decision that there were two main contenders, one stronger than the other. On one hand, the Acer Chromebook or the Toshiba Chromebook. Both had their pros and cons, but this video by The Verge made it clear to me: this was the one to get. And as you can tell from the title, that is exactly what I did. Note that this all happened before dinner, so when I told everyone the idea that I had been playing with, they were all very supportive. No time to waste then!

After dinner, I went right to the cheapest and most reliable webshop that would sell it to me. Retail price was about 350 euros and that was about the lowest I could find it anywhere, full stop. I chose one of them, and to my surprise they had 10% off, something that was not listed in the preview price on Google Shopping. (HA!) This fortuitous slip by Google saved me a tenth of the regular price in The Netherlands, and there was no way in heaven that I would hesitate any longer than a second about that deal. The decision was made. Here are the specs of my model. (yes, I chose the recommended 1080p screen version, because Full HD is the *****************)

  • Intel Celeron N2840
  • 4GB memory
  • 16GB Solid state drive
  • 13.3″ Full HD screen
  • Google Chrome OS (obviously)

There are some more specs, but I found these to be the most important ones to share. Although it is very useful that it has multiple USB ports (a 2.0 and a 3.0) as well as an HDMI port.


So up to now, what are my basic impressions on this beautiful piece of machinery?

– It has an absolute crazy battery life. From the moment I unboxed it, loaded it fully (which took about 1 to 1.5 hours) I have yet to juice it up. It has been at least 11 hours since I last charged it, and it still claims I have 28% left from the moment I am writing this at 23:56. Granted, it is its first day, and I have not used it non-stop. There were some breaks in between playing with it to find out all its features, and on top of that I did not keep it on full brightness the entire time.
– Chrome OS is incredibly easy to use, although the fact that I have to buy certain applications annoys me a bit. Other than that it is nothing short of awesome, if you are okay with the limited service that it offers. (I am)
– The 1080p screen looks magnificent. That is literally it. I would have expected it to be worse, but it satisfies my needs and expectations.
– Design. While it resembles the sleek look that the MacBook Air also features, which I do not mind for a moment, it has a very own look and feel. I have compared it to the Air my sister has and it looks like its cheaper sibling. This can easily be explained by its price, since it is only a fifth of that of Apple’s product. Still, while that may seem like an insult, I am rather content with what the Toshiba has to offer.
– Keeping it light, BECAUSE CLOUD SAVING!

– Occasional lag when there are too many tabs open. Luckily I mainly use it to type articles, so I won’t get much trouble with that, but I have heard (and later tested too) that it does not perform well when multitasking where video or audio is included. This may add up to the lag you already experience and make it worse, causing for an even slower laptop than before. Fortunately, it performs well enough when just typing, which is just what I use it for. Anything other than that can be fulfilled on my phone.
– Maybe a bit of an unrealistic goal, but I would have liked if they gave it a lit-up keyboard.

One thing I will say about the first con, is that, if you do expect such performances from Chromebooks you should maybe consider a regular laptop. In my brief experience with them it definitely became clear that they are made for light tasks, which is what they are perfect for too.


Especially that final sentence shows why this is YOUR perfect blogging laptop. Unless you need to do some heavy photoshopping, video editing or anything else that will be hard on your laptop, this is your go-to Chromebook.

Once I have used it for a little while, I will do an update post with my developed opinion. Until then, stay tuned for car-related articles. In the mean time, you can tell me all about your thoughts on this magnificent Chromebook developed by Toshiba.

Have a good one,



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