Road Trip Diary – Part (4/4) – #TPTOnTheRoad

The final part of our road trip from my diary. Here’s where we receive some unwanted bad news which sets of a chain of reactions.

Day 10: Because we had been talking until about 4-5:00 in the morning, we slept until noon. When I got up though, my friend Tom had gotten some bad personal news that would cause for us to have to leave. The road trip was cancelled, and we weren’t going to finish off the way we had imagined it. The idea was to drive down the east sight of France and see some of the cool places that are there, but instead we took off the same day to a camping in the ArdĂȘche. The mood had darkened, but we would still try to make something of the remaining two days. The drive was easy and without too much trouble. The only downside was the ginormous amount of people who had somehow developed an inability to drive.

Day 11: When we finally found the camping we had reserved a place on, we were able to get some sleep after doing a bit of late night hanging out. We woke up and decided that this day was not going to be spent by a lot of “doing”. Because we were very close to it, by choice of course, we spent the day swimming around the area of Pont d’Arc. I have very few things to say about it, other than that it was beautiful and extremely relaxing. The evening was spent dining at a cosy restaurant in a village close-by. Good food, average-low price. When we got back to the trailer, we played some poker and went to sleep early, because the next day would be the longest one on our trip.

Day 12: The final day can in my eyes only be seen as the one day that was solely about driving. There is a difference between road tripping and driving braindead for 10-12 hours. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances we were in, it was our reality. Don’t get me wrong, we chose this ourselves and all agreed that it was best like this. We’d be home quickly, and it would be the first time that we’d drive for that long in one sitting, even though Tom and I were going to switch seats every two hours. We stopped multiple times, mostly for food, sometimes for gas. Unlike the other days where we were on the road, we did not stop to visit a city, town or anything that would be worthy for us to lay eyes on. Instead, because we started driving at 11:30, it would be the only thing to happen that day. On the road, we saw multiple fires, for some strange reason. Other than that, it was very uninteresting and basic. The more north you go in France, the less versatile – and beautiful – it gets. That is our opinion though. Also, because we had crossed paths with Paris on the way down, we did not go there again. Instead, we drove towards the eastern parts. Even through Luxembourg, to stop for cheap diesel. From there, after we had food at McDonald’s for the I-don’t-even-know-how-much-we-went-there time, we headed straight back, and I dropped them off at their home one-by-one. When I got home myself, I left my stuff in the back of the van, sat on the couch, had a beer, went to sleep a couple hours later, and that would be the end of it. The road trip was officially over.

This concludes our road trip in terms of story. Visuals will follow in the next few weeks on our social media. I hope you enjoyed my story telling. Stay tuned for more.

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