Road Trip Diary – Part (1/4) – #TPTOnTheRoad

In this four-part series of our twelve-day road trip, I will describe what happened along the way. A short, yet informative way of telling you what happened while we were out being adventurous. Videos and photos will follow soon enough.

Day 1: While driving to Paris, there were multiple traffic jams and wrong turns, to make our drive that day longer than it had to be. When we finally arrived at the camp site at about 5 PM, we started to build our tent (a huge five person one with more than enough room for the four of us). After we finished with that and ate some overpriced food at the restaurant on site, we headed over to Paris’ city centre on foot. We saw multiple prostitutes and transvestites on our way when walking through Bois de Boulogne, where the site was situated. At a certain point, having seen some beautiful buildings, we crossed the Seine to go to the Eiffel Tower. We walked through the entire park and rested for a minute on the other side of it. A few moments later, we started walking again, but this time it was just to do some sight-seeing. We looped around the houses surrounding the Eiffel Tower and rested on the bridge. The last walk that day was to the building behind us, where Hitler took his famous WO II picture. After we saw that, we took a cab from behind those buildings and went back to the camp site, where we hung out for two or more hours.

Day 2: After the first night in Paris, we decided to discover it a little more in the few time we had left. This meant we were going to visit places like the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur and other less relevant places in between. We weren’t going to spend money on the subway as much, even though it costed us less than €10,- all together, making it a viable option nonetheless. Walking was our option of choice. Before the return back to the camping, which we were planning on doing not too late, we had some food in the iconic part of town: Montmartre. Unfortunately, the food was far from satisfactory. The evening was spent drinking wine back at the camp site.

Day 3: A new day of real road tripping came about. The perfect addition to our (TPT)road trip unknowingly popped up on our route. Le Mans. One of the most iconic circuits on the planet. I have to admit, it was amazing. Not that there was anything special in terms of races, it was just people riding around in Radicals like they were go karts. It was just the atmosphere. Walking in and around the track, without any seeming limitations was indescribable. We walked through multiple stands and we’re even able to get into the pitboxes and the pitlane. After an hour of doing the above mentioned activities, Rik and Jorrit got bored of it and we decided to leave. We had to decide where to sleep that night, and we continued our thinking at the KFC in some village along the way. Île de Ré was our site of choice, so we had to figure out if there were any spots left on the camp sites on the island. Fun fact: there weren’t, or hardly. After going about finding any open spots, we found one by good fortune, after our fourth camping. Then we quickly set up our tent, just to have some more drinks and go to bed afterwards.



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