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Since everyone in my surroundings knows how I much adore driving any type of vehicle, they will sometimes exploit this fact by offering their car, provided that I do a chore. During the weekend, my in-laws (as I call them, because, well, that’s just easier) asked me to take their Fiat 500 to the shop to fix the car’s front window. Of course, I obliged, albeit not just for the sake of driving. However, that is simply the setting for this post, the real motive came a tad later, while waiting for the reparations to be done.

The serviceman took a quick look at all that had to be done, we handed over the keys and went our own separate ways, meaning: we went into their waiting room, while he took the 500 to the workshop. Their policy stated that the car would be finished somewhere within half an hour, so we had some time to kill and rest even more. (we already slept in that morning) Now this, dear readers, is where things headed south.

As expected from any type of waiting room, there were a range of magazines, so I directly went looking for the ones containing gadgets, cars, you name it. Without a doubt my interest was aimed at the latter of the two. I had already read most magazines in their stand, so I had one remaining option: Top Gear Magazine.

Now this is not meant to bash them. Top Gear has so far been a bright part of my life. Adding Chris Harris, who’s unquestionably my favorite motoring journalist ever, to their completely new roster was something that definitely sparked a tingling in my loins. However, when it comes to magazines, I seem to prefer others over them. Not for any particular reason, that’s only my view. Top Gear stays on the tele, while the rest is viewed on the interwebs or read in paper form.

Until now, but at what cost?

The thing is, my “prejudice” (if you will), might have some sense to it after all, it seems. While skimming through the pages looking for interesting articles to read – I never read it front-to-back – I stumbled upon a question/answer-type article that discussed what will undoubtedly be the greatest Porsche in the history of mankind: The 911 R.

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At this point we all know what an astonishingly pure and monster-like car this will turn out to be. Actually, we already know it is fantastic, as EVO – among some others – showed us in a few videos. Here’s one where Henry Catchpole casually takes it to 320 km/h on the Autobahn. No real proof of how it will handle on track, but the guys at Porsche gave us a glimpse of what it will be like by creating the Driving Lessons with the 911 R series. In all honesty though, since it is this close to one of the best Porsches out there, the GT3, I will take their word for it and believe that it can hardly get any more pure than this.

All of this might seem great, hell, the car itself might seem perfect. Still, the Dutch version of TG Magazine found a way to dislike it, simply because it had these magnificent red stripes. Their statement (translated from Dutch): “50 years ago these stripes were immensely cool. Now, not so much.”

Excuse me..


You, as a magazine, are telling me that this..

Credit ->

Dodge Viper ACR-

..or this..


2017 Ford GT –

..does not look incredibly fitting and the car would be fine without it? True, stripes have been on cars for a long time, but aside from the fact that the 911 R is a tribute car to a Porsche with a similar name, of which very few were made, a little extra colour never hurt any car, unless it’s overdone, like this. An excerpt from Porsches YouTube video announcing this particular 911:

“Once upon a time there was a lightweight sports car that left a weighty impression. This car, namely the 911 R, was built in 1967 for use in motorsport. In a limited-edition run of just 23 units.”

Sure, to you it might not be the greatest addition, but look at the basics. Does it in any way or shape, or form for that matter, affect the way it handles? Does it change the performance of the 4.0l flat-six, 500 HP engine? I’ll let you answer those for yourself. To back up my own photographic examples, that consisted just of American cars, here’s a Ferrari 458 Speciale, to end the article on a brighter, more colorful note. And remember, these stripes are f*cking amazing.

Ferrari 458 Speciale -

Ferrari 458 Speciale –

Have a good one,



All 911 R photos were ironically taken from Top Gear’s very own website.

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