Present Meets Past Vol.1 // AutoRAI 2015

This four-part series will consist of a combination of 8 cars I saw at AutoRAI. I’m fairly sure you can guess what it is about, if you have paid any attention to what the title says. In each episode of ”Present Meets Past” we take a closer look at two cars: a car that started everything, complimented by its younger sibling. This episode, we take a look at the baby blue Porsche 911 Targa 4S.


On a car-exhibition like the AutoRAI, you’ll see a lot of different cars. Maybe different brands work together to build one car, or you’ll see a car that looks identical to its Japanese rival. Once you get higher up on the brands list, you’ll start to see cars that stand out. If you have more money to spend, that automatically means you have the ability to attract more attention to your car and show you have this wealth.

It’s then that you’ll start to notice cars like the top-level Mercedes’, Maseratis, Porsches or Land Rovers.

These brands all had cars strewn about AutoRAI. Vintage and new-age, very similar but oh so different. In this episode we discuss what was on Porsche’s stand. Not just any Porsches too. Very flipping cool ones.

911 targa blue

This was the last “couple” I encountered that day. We had already walked by the Carros stand, where they exhibited the other three brands in duos. Porsche was close by, so they were the next we stumbled upon. Immediately, I noticed their baby blue colour, Gulf Blue to be exact. They were surprisingly beautiful.

I have always liked Porsche. Unfortunately my feelings don’t come close to surpassing the word ‘like’. I do adore their older cars more, knowing very well they look much more like Beetles than they do now. Clarkson would probably sock me in the face if he heard me say that. That’s my issue though. I have a tiny fetish for older cars. This baby blue Targa GTS was everything I needed that day. I know I still had a full day ahead of me but this one already stood out. It was beautiful.

Once you came up to the side of the stand, you’d notice them side by side, almost overlapping each other in that rather distinct colour, which outlined their beauty even more. You could argue they’re not that pretty, but I beg to differ. On the other hand, we could also be dealing with the so-called Cheerleader-Effect here. This phenomenon causes the viewer to overestimate the beauty of something, because a lot of average/above-average are together in a group, making them look prettier as a whole. I don’t think that this is the case here. I really do enjoy looking at just them.

Enough about myself, you know I have a soft spot for these two. If you aren’t from the Netherlands, you may be seeing this new special edition 911 for the first time. Pardon me, the “911 Targa 4S Exclusive Edition”. Why was this unveiled in the Netherlands, you may ask? I’m wondering the same thing. But I’m glad that Porsche decided to show the car here. With only fifteen examples being made, all of which are allotted to the Netherlands for over €200,000, this is probably the only time I’ll ever see this beauty.

911 targa 4s exclusive edition

Wait… €223,230? What the $*%& is Porsche thinking? What could possibly make this car more expensive then a 911 Turbo? OH… it must be the blacked out headlight housings or the Fuchs-style wheels. But in all seriousness, you’re paying for the exclusivity. Yes, this is basically just a standard 911 Targa 4S with the Sport Chrono Package and a few special colors here and there, but Porsche is no stranger to having some very expensive and exclusive options. And they can pull it off, too. I suspect all fifteen examples were purchased months ago to very happy customers, and that’s okay. They probably have a matching 60s model parked right next to it.

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