In this four-part series of our twelve-day road trip, I will describe what happened along the way. A short, yet informative way of telling you what happened while we were out being adventurous. Videos and photos will follow soon enough.

Road Trip Diary – Part (1/4) – #TPTOnTheRoad

About a year ago, me and three of my friends started the concept of a road trip through the western parts of Europe. After endless months of planning, sorting things out, and making sure everything is in order, tomorrow is finally the day that we will start our three-week journey.

Europe Road Trip – A Diary – #TPTOnTheRoad

Hi there, you might be wondering what this title could possibly imply, but bear with me. Let’s start with a short introduction as to why I came up with yet another segment. Interested? Read on!

And For My Next Trick..