With the return of the AutoRAI later this year, we saw an influx of brands that were willing to come and expose their cars at our very own car show. Exciting, but we all know that nothing too special ever occurs there, since most of the ‘interesting’ cars have already been revealed some time before that. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since they can take those newly presented cars with them, all the way to our little country. […]

Cars Presented @ AutoRAI 2015

There’s a lot of things you can say about us, but this is something you won’t hear very often: ”TailPipeTales is always on top of the news.” Fortunately, I’m not here to re-produce the news that was published all throughout the web a little over a week ago. I will, however, tell you exactly how I feel about these promises that have been made to us by Christian Borgward and Karl-Heinz Knoess.

The Return of Borgward

Street View Spotting has primarily focused on exotics, but today we have something a little different… and more American. In Ukraine. Any guesses? Yes, that’s right. Two Dodge Charger Daytonas in Kiev.

Street View Spotting Vol.11

Geneva is unfolding. It’s not even been that long, and already have we seen a bunch of cool cars. As we all know Volkswagen is a big player in the automotive world, so it’s more than logical that there’s a bunch of awesome cars released by their VW Group. Nothing too special in this list, but I like the re-modeled, the concept and the completely new cars. (who’d have thought that)

VW Going All Out in Geneva

Today we are going to feature the most photographed car in the world in front of the most expensive store in the world. Ignoring the accuracy of those assumptions, Bijan and his Bugatti Veyron attract constant attention on Rodeo Dr. in Los Angeles.

Street View Spotting Vol.10

The last time I went to France, was past summer. We traveled about, spent some time taking in the beautiful scenery and we ate delicious food. We stayed in some cool places, these so-called ”gîtes”. One of them was particularly cool, and we would encounter something rather interesting after looking around the vicinity. One of the French greats: the Citroën Traction Avant.

Traction Avant – Random Reminiscing Vol.6