Refinement is a term that can be interpreted in several different ways, hence the quotation marks. The way we see refinement differs from person to person. Whether it be from enjoyment, or just purely focused on the way something is created is completely up to the individual. In this article, I will elaborate on this by using the Morgan Plus 8 as a prime example.

Morgan Plus 8 – English ‘Refinement’ – TailPipe Tales

Get ready to experience something incredibly new on TailPipe Tales. We have had stories on cars before, but this is finally like how I envisioned what should be represented on our website. Personal car stories and information coming right from the owners of vintage vehicles.

Citroën Traction Avant – La Reine De La Route – ...

It might be cliché for someone who loves cars to constantly snoop around on websites with secondhand cars, but I happily contribute to that stereotype. I enjoy to spend time to find out what cars I might want to buy in the near future. Take a minute to listen to me telling you about my recent experiences and thoughts on this.

Why The Audi 80 Might Be A Great First Car

I just returned from Las Vegas. Yeah, I went after Gumball 3000 again. It’s official: Gumball is different in the United States. There aren’t crowds of 20,000 people and there isn’t Jon Olsson’s DTM-inspired Audi RS6 (yeah, I’m a bit bitter about that). Like Germany, America has rules, and also strict punishments to those who don’t abide. I don’t even know why Gumball bothers coming back. But before you read my rant, just know there’s a silver lining to every story.

Gumball 3000 in the United States