Finding The TailPipe On The Toyota Mirai // AutoRAI 2015

Thursday April 16th was the day that opened a door TailPipe Tales hadn’t passed through yet. It was our first time we ever got to visit a car show with press tickets. Time to make it special, because I am not planning on reproducing news articles from others. Time, for an actual TailPipe Tale.

When we were walking around the halls of the AutoRAI, we were drooling away. Not just because of the cars situated there. They were pretty cool this year, a little disappointing if you ask me. I’ll save that for another article. No people! We were there with about ten others. While that may be over-exaggerated, there were very few folks walking around. Nothing like the public days, which was absolutely awesome.

In this series of articles, I will tell of a few different encounters from that day.

One of these stories came about a little after our lunch. At this point, we (my dad and I) had walked around the building once. You could say that right then, we were basically done. I mean, we had seen everything. Because of me, we stayed. It was my day. My website, my time, my call. We weren’t going to leave anytime soon. Optimize our the chance we were given, for which I will thank them once again, publicly.

It was because of this, that the universe decided to show us some gratitude. After we stuffed the baguette down our throats, we kept on walking. Back to the hall of the Volkswagen Group. That’s not where this is going, which is a sad fact for the people who love the brand that owns too much car companies.

Volkswagen wasn’t the only one present in that specific hall. Opposite of their stand, behind a bunch of VW-drapes and semi-walls was another brand. One that is situated halfway across the globe, which is in no way inferior to Volkswagen, in my eyes at least. Maybe in size, but definitely not in their R&D. There’s obviously a reason for these statements. Multiple, to be exact. I’ll just stick to the main one. The reason of this article: the Toyota Mirai.


First of all, their website-page for the car is totally awesome and you should definitely check that out if you want a more in-depth look on how the car works. They did a very creative and good job of showing exactly how it works.

Before I start glorifying them, I have to get something off my chest. When I said that we had already come full circle once, I was implying that we had passed Toyota too. We definitely had. ”Passed” in this case, is an incorrect term. We had avoided them.

There’s this saying, one that WordPress’ proofreader considers a cliché, that goes like this: ”Don’t ever judge a book by its cover”
This can be applied to anything. I won’t even start to come up with examples, because I will only cause trouble by offending groups of people.

The first time we passed them it was because of the car I’m writing about, and I want to ask its creators for forgiveness. I’ve wronged you guys, and while these things are all about being subjective, that doesn’t mean I can’t take it back and say I was wrong. Because I was wrong.

We saw it from a distance, my dad and I immediately started pulling him away. What was it now that these fuckers from Japan came up with again? Another horrifically designed car, with only of its few intentions to catch some eyes. It wasn’t the first time I saw it, so I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I had seen the car announcement a few months before this happened, so I wasn’t some prejudiced hill-billy judging others with a slightly darker skin. The complete opposite, in my defense.

Alright. So it took another four-or-so hours for me to finally get around to appreciate it. Another confession will have to be made, before we can discuss the car that is the reason that you’re here. We only went up to their stand, because I saw some people walking around with bottles of beer. Before we started hoarding those like a bunch of unmannered imbeciles, I decided it would be better to explain to my dad exactly why the car was so distinctly hideous.

That was a crucial moment though, because right then was when the tides turned. A man with a name I, unfortunately, cannot recall, came up to us. Not a sales rep, but a PR-guy. A very great PR-guy, if you ask me. He started to explain a couple of facts about the car, which I read before but were interesting nevertheless. He had this way of talking that intrigued me. (not a bad one, by the way)

We got the standard story, except it was told in a really interesting way. He involved us in the process, allowed us to interrupt him to ask questions, which sounds a lot ruder than it actually was. He showed us under the hood, but then noticed something: our press tickets that were hanging around our necks.

Naturally they said ”TailPipe Tales” so within moments, he was excited. While I felt rather uncomfortable because he was staring at my chest, which was already a lot less weird since it happened a gazillion times that day, I too was excited. He was going to show us something in a way that, I think, no one had done before, at least on that day.

So what happened? He took us over to the back of the car, which I will show now.

credits: Anthony Verolme

credits: Anthony Verolme

He had already explained the ways of the car. It’s a hydrogen-based car, so the only substance that comes out of the tailpipe, is water. Condense, to be more specific. Just plain water, dripping from the pipe. ”Regular” cars, the ones that are powered by diesel, gasoline, etc, have an exhaust that is visible. Most of the times, at least. The one on the Mirai was a little harder to find. This is where the part comes in, where we get to do something a little out of the ordinary.

We get on our bellies. That’s right. He’s all dressed up in a very fancy suit, but his will to explain us about this special vehicle ”his” company has created makes him throw all of his structure into a pit of indecency and fun. It was a great feeling to see him so passionate about this.

We had a hard time finding it, but because of all his knowledge and his skill to estimate approximately where it should be situated, we found it in the end. It wasn’t the climax I had wished for, but it was great fun, and I appreciated the time he took for us. At that point, we were probably surrounded by at least fifty others, so it felt good knowing he wanted to take the time for us.

You’re probably anxiously waiting for me to pop it up, so here you go! Admire the place where all the incredible technology within the car, comes to an end.

credits: Anthony Verolme

credits: Anthony Verolme

This was just one of our many encounters that day, and a bunch more will follow in the coming weeks. I hope you can sit tight to wait for all that to happen. In the mean time, I’m planning on visiting them yet again, this Saturday. If you’re a fan of us, come say hi! If you don’t know what I look like, you should check our Facebook, so you can spot me there!

I want to thank the people at AutoRAI once again for the opportunity. I have never enjoyed myself better at your show than this year. Awesome job!

Have a good one,



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