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About a year ago, me and three of my friends started the concept of a road trip through the western parts of Europe. After endless months of planning, sorting things out, and making sure everything is in order, tomorrow is finally the day that we will start our three-week journey.

You will be able to follow us on our trip, as we intend to record our every move with three GoPro cameras. Besides the video footage that will be released when we get back, I will try to post something once a week, not much different from what I do now. Posting something once a week might not be enough, so I will keep a diary that I will write in every day, and will post on here when I’m done, most likely in several parts, or just the highlights.

However, the question at hand is obviously our vehicle of choice, and to visualize for you the type of machinery that will let us travel on our 6000 kilometer trip, my dad and I went ahead and shot some photos.

Behold our ten-year old Volkswagen Transporter 1.9 TDI!

The rough sea, the headlights and the clouds make a great, obscure picture.

The rough sea, the headlights and the clouds make a great, obscure picture.

I mentioned the ginormous load of planning, but since I tend to exaggerate a tad, I will clarify what I meant by that. It is not the reservations of any camping sites, nor is it making sure we have a place to sleep in a hotel every night, way in advance. That stuff is easy. The harder part is where you have to keep track of every single thing you plan on taking with you, is actually there. Navigation, maps in case the before-mentioned fails, any utensils you need for e.g. cooking, setting up your place to sleep (tents, self-inflatable mattresses, etc), car-maintanance equipment, etc, etc. You get the point. It is a list without an end.

Luckily we have the van, so every possible thing will most definitely fit inside.


Thank our Lord for the van.

Of course, there’s some thought behind not planning our sleeping sites in advance. In the four pairs of our eyes, a road trip is supposed to be a journey without definite plans. Having stated that, we did plan our first weekend to take place in Paris. Aside from that, everything is open for change. In the three weeks that we are going to drive around, the idea is to drive as a few kilometers a day as possible. Get up at a socially acceptable time each morning, see what fits our interests best, drive in that direction, find a camp site in our guide (that includes almost twelve thousands businesses) and explore the surroundings when we get there.

That, in a nutshell, is what our road trip will look like.


A very subtle hint to the hippie lifestyle people live in the earlier versions of this VW van. The T1 and T2 are iconic, just like our road trip will be iconic.

That’s as much detail as I will go into right now, because the content that is actually interesting will follow in the next few weeks. Instead of words, enjoy these last few incredible pictures that we shot last night.


The roads are endless, much like we have an endless list of options of places to go


Perfect art. The sky is approximately 1/3 of the picture. The other 2/3 is filled with the landscape and our loyal Volkswagen. I am completely in love with this picture. My only critical remark about this, is that the car is slightly tilted to the left, because of the marginal incline on the dyke there.


This one was just because I felt the need to act like an actual ignorant model. Looking away, since that is the cool thing to do. One of my favorite poses, PERIOD.


The timing on this was marvelous. There’s two kite-surfers in the picture, and with the car in the picture, it seems like the ultimate summer feeling, even though Mother Nature was being a d*ck.

And remember kids: #TPTOnTheRoad

Have a good one,



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