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Re-discovering Freedom – Peugeot 206, My First Car

Freedom is a relative concept that can take on many forms. It can mean the first breath of fresh air after being released from prison. Others will think of their ability to walk the streets without feeling the slightest sense of danger. However, when I think of freedom, driving cars is what comes to mind. More specifically when I bought my first one a week ago, a Peugeot 206.

Living With a 1976 Mercedes 280 SE as a Twentysomething

If you hadn’t noticed already; I love classic cars. I’m convinced that anyone who owns any type of automotive history should be celebrated and offered cake at least once a week. Classic cars are like those true artists who are not simply following the latest pop-trend. Usually under-appreciated, but so damn necessary to the continuing evolution of an art form. Because of this, it warms my heart to see people my age go out and purchase vintage cars. Burak is […]

Volvo S90 – Review & POV Test Drive

Monday I checked my mailbox, only to find out I got another email from Volvo’s Dutch press outlet. Unlike the usual information included, the top headline this time discussed the arrival of the Volvo S90 at dealerships throughout the Netherlands. Naturally, my loins started vibrating a little. The only logical course of action was to visit the local dealership as soon as possible. Tuesday I hopped in our van to go there. Here’s what happened.

Volvo S90

TPT Road Trip 2016 – The Highs

For two weeks, three friends and myself drove a Citro├źn DS3 through a bunch of countries in Eastern Europe. Most notably Croatia, where we spent most of our days. None of us had been there before, so we were taken by surprise, while we saw all our prejudices go down the drain. The country itself is beautiful, but from a driver’s perspective, if you find the right roads, it’s pretty close to heaven. Here’s why.

Bringing Colour to Ghost-Town Doel – Fiat 500 Road Trip

If you ever plan on visiting Doel, the ghost-town in Belgium, there’s not a lot of roads that lead there. We took the fastest road from Antwerp, which takes you through over-industrialized docks; something that is already a bit creepy. However, that is just the beginning, and it would become much worse than that. Follow us on our trip to Doel.

A French Photograph – Finding a Renault 4 in its Natural Habitat

If you are any active on Instagram, and follow our own page, you probably saw a great photo of a Renault 4 pop up in your timeline at some point in the last few weeks. I’m here to hit you with some information about the car itself, as well as some background information about our visit to Vallon-Pont-d’Arc.