About Harry

As a small child, he already knew one thing for sure: his life would in some way revolve around cars. Several years later, he pursues his goal of earning a living as a motoring journalist. Also has a deep adoration for sushi and hip-hop music.

Present Meets Past Vol.1 // AutoRAI 2015

This four-part series will consist of a combination of 8 cars I saw at AutoRAI. I’m fairly sure you can guess what it is about, if you have paid any attention to what the title says. In each episode of ”Present Meets Past” we take a closer look at two cars: a car that started everything, complimented by its younger sibling. This episode, we take a look at the baby blue Porsche 911 Targa 4S.

911 targa blue

Finding The TailPipe On The Toyota Mirai // AutoRAI 2015

Thursday April 16th was the day that opened a door TailPipe Tales hadn’t passed through yet. It was our first time we ever got to visit a car show with press tickets. Time to make it special, because I am not planning on reproducing news articles from others. Time, for an actual TailPipe Tale.

MG MGB – iKenteken

Today was a good day, because even though I caught just a glimpse of a beautiful car, I managed to get the number plate. While I despise the repetition of the name, I absolutely adore this MG MGB. Here’s why.

Mercedes 280 SEL 4.5 – iKenteken: A Car Spotting Journey

Last month I promised myself to introduce to you guys a new segment. While that didn’t happen, I did come up with a new series about halfway through March. I happened to be riding my bike back from school and noticed a rather cool car. I immediately wanted to know more about it, because I don’t know sh*t about the average car driving around. After this incident, I put that project on hold, because I had next to no time […]

Cars Presented @ AutoRAI 2015

With the return of the AutoRAI later this year, we saw an influx of brands that were willing to come and expose their cars at our very own car show. Exciting, but we all know that nothing too special ever occurs there, since most of the ‘interesting’ cars have already been revealed some time before that. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since they can take those newly presented cars with them, all the way to our little country. […]

The Return of Borgward

There’s a lot of things you can say about us, but this is something you won’t hear very often: ”TailPipeTales is always on top of the news.” Fortunately, I’m not here to re-produce the news that was published all throughout the web a little over a week ago. I will, however, tell you exactly how I feel about these promises that have been made to us by Christian Borgward and Karl-Heinz Knoess.