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As a small child, he already knew one thing for sure: his life would in some way revolve around cars. Several years later, he pursues his goal of earning a living as a motoring journalist. Also has a deep adoration for sushi and hip-hop music.

Morgan Plus 8 – English ‘Refinement’ – TailPipe Tales

Refinement is a term that can be interpreted in several different ways, hence the quotation marks. The way we see refinement differs from person to person. Whether it be from enjoyment, or just purely focused on the way something is created is completely up to the individual. In this article, I will elaborate on this by using the Morgan Plus 8 as a prime example.

Why The Audi 80 Might Be A Great First Car

It might be cliché for someone who loves cars to constantly snoop around on websites with secondhand cars, but I happily contribute to that stereotype. I enjoy to spend time to find out what cars I might want to buy in the near future. Take a minute to listen to me telling you about my recent experiences and thoughts on this.

Range Rover 2015 and Classic

Present Meets Past Vol.2: Part 1 // Jag & The Rover // AutoRAI 2015

This four-part series will consist of a combination of 8 cars I saw at AutoRAI. I’m fairly sure you can guess what it is about, if you have paid any attention to what the title says. In each episode of ”Present Meets Past” we take a closer look at two cars: a car that started everything, complimented by its younger sibling. This episode, we combine the Jaguar and Range Rovers into a two-part episode, of which this is the first […]