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As a small child, he already knew one thing for sure: his life would in some way revolve around cars. Several years later, he pursues his goal of earning a living as a motoring journalist. Also has a deep adoration for sushi and hip-hop music.

RE: Top Gear Magazine – Claims Striping 911 R Outdated

Since everyone in my surroundings knows how I much adore driving any type of vehicle, they will sometimes exploit this fact by offering their car, provided that I do a chore. During the weekend, my in-laws (as I call them, because, well, that’s just easier) asked me to take their Fiat 500 to the shop to fix the car’s front window. Of course, I obliged, albeit not just for the sake of driving. However, that is simply the setting for […]

Lotus Evora 400 – De Overtreffende Trap

Connecties zijn ontzettend belangrijk. Dat leerde ik een tijdje geleden maar weer eens, nadat een vriend mij de mogelijkheid gaf om naar het Lotus-evenement te gaan bij Van Der Kooi Sportscars in Houten. Met als voornaamste doel de consument in contact te brengen met prachtige Britse sportauto’s, heeft Van Der Kooi redelijk wat naamsbekendheid verworven. Zenos, Caterham, Lotus en een verdwaalde Lamborghini Countach. Er staat veel moois om je ogen mee te voeden.

Morgan Plus 8 – English ‘Refinement’ – TailPipe Tales

Refinement is a term that can be interpreted in several different ways, hence the quotation marks. The way we see refinement differs from person to person. Whether it be from enjoyment, or just purely focused on the way something is created is completely up to the individual. In this article, I will elaborate on this by using the Morgan Plus 8 as a prime example.