My entire life, people have told me that my first ever word was ‘car’. Ever since that moment, cars and I have been entwined. It was to be expected that the automobile industry was just waiting for me to make an entrance. The question at hand, however, was where exactly in the industry I would end up. Fast forward a bunch of years and TailPipeTales.com was a fact.

The platform was created with one vision in mind: to bring artistic, thoughtful and unorthodox car-related stories to the table. Think of us a journalistic, automotive cocktail of National Geographic and Humans of New York. That, at least, is the end goal I am trying to work towards.

We do not own the rights to the pictures we use on this blog, we merely love the ones we choose to feature, so take it as a compliment if we do so. This doesn’t mean we don’t take pictures ourselves, but when we do, you’ll know!

As of December 28th, 2016, TailPipeTales became a legally registered company, by the name of TPT Media. This also means TailPipeTales.com now mainly functions as a showcase of my work. Think of it as an exhibition of my work, that comes from all over the web.


If you’re still here reading this, I love you.


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