If you hadn’t noticed already; I love classic cars. I’m convinced that anyone who owns any type of automotive history should be celebrated and offered cake at least once a week. Classic cars are like those true artists who are not simply following the latest pop-trend. Usually under-appreciated, but so damn necessary to the continuing evolution of an art form. Because of this, it warms my heart to see people my age go out and purchase vintage cars. Burak is […]

Living With a 1976 Mercedes 280 SE as a Twentysomething

Volvo S90
Monday I checked my mailbox, only to find out I got another email from Volvo’s Dutch press outlet. Unlike the usual information included, the top headline this time discussed the arrival of the Volvo S90 at dealerships throughout the Netherlands. Naturally, my loins started vibrating a little. The only logical course of action was to visit the local dealership as soon as possible. Tuesday I hopped in our van to go there. Here’s what happened.

Volvo S90 – Review & POV Test Drive

Get ready to experience something incredibly new on TailPipe Tales. We have had stories on cars before, but this is finally like how I envisioned what should be represented on our website. Personal car stories and information coming right from the owners of vintage vehicles.

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